Hi there Remodelaholic readers! I’m Madeline and I blog over at The Life We Dream about all things home, DIY, fashion, fitness and life in general! I am so excited to be here! My life is a little bit on the crazy side right now (whose isn’t?!)- my husband is in training for 5 months and I am living in with my parents. And our 4 dogs. In the bedroom I grew up in. Oh boy.

We sold our first house in a day (woo! and ohmygosh!), so when I moved in, it was in a bit of a rush. Fast forward a few months and I still couldn’t find things in the closet, couldn’t fit anything in my dressers and was an all around mess. It was time to organize.

First of all, I assessed the space. What was being underutilized? The back wall had a shoe organizer up against it that wasn’t even functional. After some measuring I figured out that I could add a dresser (the one in the bedroom was my mom’s when she was little- child sized drawers that I could fit maybe two t-shirts in!). Deep drawers would give me storage- and the short height would still allow me to access the back of the closet.

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